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Yoshi, Sushi Chef & Owner
Yoshi, owner-chef

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Awarded Best Japanese Restaurant by Rocky Mountain News in 2007!

What our guests are saying...

"Thank you for the wonderful dinner - my guests were all so impressed by your food. Even the ones suspicious about sushi served in the mountains were really digging in, too. I hear that you get visitors from as far away as Washington D. C., but it is great to hear that you serve such authentic Japanese style sushi!! I think that I can put together a meal that fills my stomach but I would much prefer the more sophisticated taste of the chef.We enjoyed a variety of fish, gold flakes, sushi rolls of various kinds and especially the duck. They were all so delicious. We had a wonderful time. Thank you!"
- a satisfied customer

About Sushi Yoshi

You have a variety of choices when it comes to Sushi restaurants. Why should you choose Sushi Yoshi?

Well, we love to create the food and the atmosphere that promotes your health and brings family and friends together. When you come in to Sushi Yoshi, you are our family guest!

Our master chef, Yoshi, has years of training under traditional master chefs in Japan. The tastes that he creates are achieved by the disciplined training that he received then and has continued to refine. His training taught Yoshi the love and respect that he expresses in his creations.

Japanese people often say that you not only consume food by mouth, but also by sight. Sort of like French, Japanese cuisine is also a traditional art. Before you dig in, take a moment to enjoy the color, texture and presentation of your dish. You can see the Zen art of traditional Japanese style cooking that is also a lost art in today's fast food industry.


Sushi Yoshi Promise

Sushi Yoshi exists to create and serve authentic and tasty Japanese cuisine to all our customers. In order to serve you the best of Japanese cuisine, we will follow the traditional recipe of Japanese style cooking, which means that we do not cut corners by using ready-made food products. Everything we serve is made from scratch.

The chef at Sushi Yoshi also do not believe in mass-production. Each dish is created after you place your order, so that we can serve each dish in its premium state. Sushi Yoshi strives to serve healthy Japanese food that tastes good. We use as many organic ingredients as we have access to, eliminating as many food additives and artificial colorings as possible.

We also strongly believe in quality dinner time conversation. It is our hope that your visit at Sushi Yoshi will be spent for just that.

Thank you for dining at Sushi Yoshi. If you have any questions or comments, please address your server. If you enjoyed your meal, please share your experience with your family and friends! We hope to see you again soon!!

Sushi Yoshi staff

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