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Lunch Menu

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Lunch Bento Boxes
*Served with Soup or Salad  
Sashimi (2pc tuna, 1pc each yellowtail and salmon)
Tempura (1pc each shrimp, white fish and vegetable)
Grilled Dish (salmon yuan-yaki)
Simmered Dish (daikon radish, pumpkin, egg plant, taro, carrot
and salmon kobumaki )
Hijiki Rice
Sashimi (2pc tuna, 1pc each yellowtail and salmon)
Sushi (1pc each shrimp, whitefish, salmon, inari)
Sunomono (Crab, Cucumber and Wakame Seaweed)
Futomaki (4pc)
Sashimi & Sushi  
*Served with Soup or House Salad  
Sashimi Combination (Served with Steamed Rice)
2pc each tuna, yellowtail, whitefish, 1pc each salmon, mackerel and octopus
Nigiri Sushi
Tuna, yellowtail, salmon, white fish, shrimp, scallop, crab, mackerel, smelt roe, unagi, and omelet
Sushi Combination
Tuna, yellowtail, salmon, white fish, shirimp and California roll
Chirashi Mill-Feuile Style
Variety of sliced raw fish on seasoned rice
Tempura Lunch  
*Served with Soup or House Salad with Steamed Rice  
Vegetable Tempura (10pc Variety of Vegetable) 12
Shrimp Tempura (4pc Shrimp and 3pc Vegetable) 15
Tempura Combination (2pc Shrimp, 2pc White fish, and 3pc Vegetable) 15
Seafood Tempura
(Shrimp, white fish, crab, sea eel, salmon, scallop and lobster)
Lobster Tempura (4 o/z Lobster and 3pc Vegetable) 20
Grilled Dish  
*Served with Soup or House Salad with Steamed Rice and 2pc Shrimp Tempura
Salmon 6 oz (Choice of Salt, Teriyaki or Spicy Sauce) 17
Saba Shioyaki (Salted Mackerel) 17
Soup Noodles  
*Udon or Soba (Wheat noodles or Buckwheat noodles), Served with Salad
Sansai (Edible wild plants) 12
Tempura (2pc shrimp and 2pc vegetable) 13
Tori Nanban (Chicken and scallion) 13
* Substitutions may be made when available.
All substitutions are subject to increase in price.
* Seasonal greens may differ based on availability


Chirashi Mill-Feuile Style


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